Your Business | Data Management


Data brought in, from and integral to your business is your business' wealth. Too often, client management, asset assessment, where your staff are, what your staff are doing, who is buying what from you... are hidden in a stack of invoices or spread sheets or emails or scraps of paper.

We offer the build of fully bespoke systems or your system adaptation, as well as semi-bespoke systems, to be adapted for your needs, in:

  • HR (training and staff development tracking, holidays and absences, staff records, company document dissemination, productivity tracking);
  • Workflow Management / Off Site Working;
  • Internet of Things: asset audit, tracking, documenting, value tracking and maintenance;
  • Risk Management / Health and Safety / Contingency Management;
  • Customer Relationship Tools / Newsletters / Marketing;
  • IT Back Office Tools / Shops / Online Booking (goods and services);
  • Logistics / Freight / Delivery Systems;

EDataChase can convert your data into a controlled, 'triaged' resource, helping to manage your business, optimise your staff, grow your business, communicate with clients and increase profit.